Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it?

The numbers don't lie. 2/3 of couples struggle significantly with the transition to parenthood and many never return to an optimal level of health and functionality. It's true that many couples are already equipped with the skills to make this transition successfully, but the couple who aren't are left with three choices: prepare, repair, or despair. 

We're bringing this program to Lansing because we believe that preparation is the key. Every day we meet with couples who tell us they wish a program like this was available as they were making the transition to parenthood. It would have made all the difference. For a little more than the price of two couples therapy sessions you'll get over 12 hours of high quality relationship training paired with top-notch workshop materials for you to keep and use as a reference for years to come. So is it worth it? We definitely think so, but you'll have to decide for yourself.

When should we take the class?

We encourage you to take the class during the period that makes the most sense for you. Prenatal, postnatal, or even in the early stages of a relationship before kids are even on the table.  There's no bad time to take this workshop however you don't want to cut it too close to your due date. Space is limited though so register early.

Can I come Alone?

The nature of this workshop is relational with lots of activities for you and your partner to practice over the two days so this particular workshop is for couples only. However, be on the lookout over the next few months for other talks and workshops that you can attend without your partner.

Can we bring our baby?

Sure. We love babies and we get it. Being away from your little one can be hard at first. So children under 5 months who are not yet mobile are welcome to attend. 

What if our children are older?

At its core, this is a relationship workshop so no matter how old your children are, or if you even have children, this workshop can benefit your relationship.

Will you be offering more workshops?

Yes. We have exciting things planned. Not only do we hope to making Bringing Baby Home a fixture in the community, we have other programs in the works focusing on communication, intimacy, partner picking, and much more.