Strong, healthy relationships don’t happen by accident. They are built day by day, moment by moment, and choice by choice. Every interaction is an opportunity for you and your partner to become better, together.



Start strong, finish strong. Blair Psychology offers services for couples early in their relationship seeking to strengthen their bond and guard against common relationship pitfalls.

Services include: pre-marital counseling, Bringing Baby Home, workshops, and individual/couples therapy for relational issues.


Your house, your car, your body, and every other physical possession you own requires maintenance if you want it to last. Your relationship is no different. Sometimes you can do it on your own, sometimes you need help. 

Services include: couples therapy, marriage counseling, relationship workshops, and Marriage/Relationship Check-Ups.


Sometimes love hurts. Couples spend an average of six years unhappy in their relationship before they seek help. Why wait? Couples therapy is effective. From couples who have never built a solid foundation to have slowly grown apart over time, we work to support and empower couples struggling with poor communication, resentment, lack of appreciation, dishonesty, the aftermath of infidelity, and whatever issues stand in the way of a healthy relationship.