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2-Part Workshop

October 1st & October 8th


Relationships are challenging, and sometimes, the struggle can be all too real. What happened? Are relationships supposed to be this hard? Why are we fighting so much? Why are we so disconnected? Can we go on like this? If you find yourself asking these questions, you’re not alone. This workshop is for you!

Whatever the reason, if you want the tools and skills to maintain or rebuild your relationship, start here.


Who should come?

Everyone! Couples, individuals, married, unmarried, completely satisfied, or going through a rough patch. There’s something for everyone here. For close to the price of a single session with Dr. Blair, this two-part, 5-hour workshop, will walk you through the relationship principles and tools you need to struggle less and live better together.

What to expect: 

Breathe easy, this is a workshop and not therapy. You won't be expected to "open-up" or self-disclose intimate details of your life and relationship with the group. This is about equipping you with tools and skills to improve your relationship. There will be activities where you will be interacting with your partner and a few larger group discussions but we want everyone to engage at whatever level is most comfortable for them. Space is limited to 15 couples.

Night 1

How you think, and what you believe matters. The first half of the workshop will primarily be focused on the mindset of healthy couples. Skills are great, but without first developing the mindset that is the foundation of healthy relationships, you won't have the desire or the ability to use the skills when they count the most. 

Topics Covered

  • Why relationships can be so hard.

  • Key principles for a healthy relationship.

  • Risk factors for relationship problems and how to overcome them.

  • Anger management/emotion regulation.

  • Relationship Hygiene.

  • Gratitude.

  • Family/Relationship Culture

Night 2

The afternoon session is all about communication. The primary source of the struggle in a relationship is the breakdown of communication. We will be focusing on equipping you with the essential tools and skills to communicate more effectively with your partner and dissolve the the relational dysfunction that makes the struggle so real.

Topics Covered

  • An effective apology.

  • Forgiveness.

  • Building healthy communication skills.

  • Effectively navigating conflict. 

Here's what participants are saying....

"I like process. I found the tools and rules to be very helpful. As a couple, it was helpful to hear someone say, "this is hard and everyone has a hard time with it"

"All the take home tools with the handouts were AMAZING!"

"Real, practical tips and strategies to use."

"It was very engaging. Keeping that engagement up is great. Made us feel we were not crazy! Like, wow, other people struggle too. So happy we came to this."

"I am so thankful for this. I've been in therapy 10 years with different therapists. I received more tools, more of a road map, in this workshop than I have in all of my 10 years combined. Thank you, SO MUCH!"


Couples: $265