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What happens after “I do”?

What if in addition to putting so much time, money, and energy into creating a special day, we put time and energy into creating a special life? What if we focused our energy on making our relationship as healthy and fulfilling as possible? What if we created something that was built to last?

Let’s play bad news, good news.

The Bad News: The research shows us that only 30-35% of people who get married maintain happy, healthy marriages. Crazy right?

The Good News: The good news is that more than forty years of research on healthy relationships has pinpointed the skills, attributes, and tools successful relationships have in common. More good news, I want to that information them with you!

This is a workshop for dating, engaged, newlywed, and any other couple interested in learning the tools, skills, and rules successful couples use to make their relationships last.

Topics Covered Include:

-Understanding REAL love

-Developing healthy communication patterns

-Apologies and Forgiveness

-Emotion Regulation

-Managing expectations

-Work/Life Balance

-Sex and Intimacy

-Protecting your Commitment

-Love Languages

You relationship is one of the most important investment’s you’ll ever make. Do you know how to take care of it?

Cost: $250